Chapter 5 - Self-Evaluation and Chapter Confidence

A man nicks himself while shaving and the area becomes infected. Which of the following portals of entry did the pathogen probably use?

The adherence of E. coli involves

A pathogen has entered the body. All of the following will have a role in its establishment except

The LD50 of a pathogen is the number of organisms required to

Imagine you are working in a lab and read reports about two different bacteria. Organism A has an ID50 of 20 cells, whereas organism B has an ID50 of 100 cells. Which of the following conclusions would you make?

A bacterial toxin that causes damage to the plasma membrane of host red blood cells and results in lysis is

A bacterial enzyme that breaks down connective tissue is

An invasin would be used by a microbe to

A culture of cells is producing exotoxins. On the basis of this information, the organisms are probably

Three types of exotoxin are

Botulism toxin is a(n)

Many people refer to tetanus infection with the pathogen Clostridium tetani as ‘ lockjaw.’ Which of the following best explains why? These bacteria

Which of the following best describe endotoxins?

A new patient in the intensive care unit has disseminated intravascular clotting (DIC). The patient’s DIC is probably caused by