Chapter 16 - Self-Evaluation and Chapter Confidence

The antibody response is part of the

Specificity is seen in each of the following except

The adaptive response relies upon distinguishing

Presentation of antigen is done by

Antibody is produced by

T cells mature in the

B cells mature in the

Two of the classes of T cells are called

M cells are found in all of the following except

A mature antigen-presenting cell

Clonal selection involves all of the following except

After antigen presentation, T cells in the lymph nodes will

Anergy is

The thymus

T cells are found in which part of the lymph node?

T cells that react with self-antigen–MHC have what effect?

Which of these statements is not true of the B-cell receptor?

The T-cell receptor is specific for

Class I MHC presents antigen to

Class II MHC presents antigen to

Superantigens are

Antibody molecules are bivalent because they have

Which antibody is produced first?

T cells that have not been presented with antigen are referred to as

Immunological memory

Vaccination is an example of