Chapter 17 - Self-Evaluation and Chapter Confidence

All of the following are examples of failures of the immune response except

HIV makes its entry through

The number of T cells drops to below 200 per milliliter in which phase of the HIV infection?

The most frequent mode of HIV transmission in adults is

The initial symptom of HIV infection is

Lymphadenopathy and flu-like symptoms are characteristics of which phase of HIV infection?

How many genes does HIV have?

Primary immunodeficiencies can affect which parts of the immune system?

Persistent fungal infections are indicative of a deficiency in which part of the immune system?

Which part of the immune system causes the damage in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus?

The following are organ specific autoimmune diseases except

Autoimmunity is prevented by which of the following?

Which of the following immunoglobulin molecules is associated with hypersensitivity and allergy?

Which cells are most prominently involved in hypersensitivity reactions?