Chapter 23 - Self-Evaluation and Chapter Confidence

Cystitis can be distinguished from urethritis by all the following except

UTIs are more common in women because

Which of the following is treated with penicillin?

Lymphogranuloma venereum is caused by

Which of the following recurs at the site of the infection?

Which of the following can be an opportunistic infection?

Most nosocomial urinary tract infections are caused by

The major cause of cervical cancer is infection with

Which of the following is not a mechanism used by Neisseria gonorrhoeae to evade the immune system?

Which of the following is not true about Chlamydia replication?

Infections spread easily through the urinary tract because all portions of the urinary tract are connected to one another by a liquid medium.

In many cases the individuals infected with HSV-2 will not seek medical help because they are frightened of the results.

The pathogenesis of Treponema pallidum has been extrapolated from observations of patients with syphilis because there is no animal model for syphilis.

Because Treponema pallidum multiplies rapidly, there is little or no inflammatory response during the initial stage of the infection.

HSV-1 is described as an above-the-waist virus because it causes colds.