Chapter 25 - Self-Evaluation and Chapter Confidence

A condition in which bacteria are circulating in the blood is called

Septic shock is characterized by

Endocarditis involves all of the following except

Which of the organisms below is most frequently found in endocarditis?

Plague is transmitted to humans by

Plague is caused by

The most contagious form of plague is

Organisms of the genus Francisella causes

Lyme disease is caused by

Lyme disease is transmitted from

Lyme disease involves all of the following except

All of the following are rickettsial infections of the blood except

Epidemic typhus is transmitted by

The etiologic agent for infectious mononucleosis is

Arboviruses cause all of the following except

The protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi causes

Wuchereria bancrofti is

Infection in any part of the body can be spread throughout the body if pathogens gain entry to the blood or lymph.

Pathogenic organisms in the blood are restricted to viruses.

Although the Black Death was feared, it killed very few people.

Extravascular infections can result in either sepsis or septic shock.

Bacterial infections of the blood include yellow fever and dengue fever.

EBV infections are associated with malignancies.

Tularemia and brucellosis are zoonotic infections.