Chapter 6 - Clinical Corner

Eight children, all under the age of 9 years, are brought into the emergency room complaining of various degrees of diarrhea and vomiting. After initial examination it is learned that all of the children are from the same elementary school class and that the class was taken on a field trip to a nearby water park on the previous day.

A. What is the likely reason for their condition?

B. How would you confirm your suspicions for what the likely reason for their condition is?

C. What are the epidemiological possibilities?

Shady Grove retirement village has experienced an outbreak of bacterial pneumonia. This is a common problem seen in nursing home facilities. Eighteen of the 50 residents of the facility have severe symptoms and must be sent to the hospital.

A. What are the possible reasons that only 18 of the 50 residents became ill?

B. How could the disease have spread?

C. Explain whether this is a common-source outbreak or a propagated epidemic.

D. What are the main concerns you would have for the residents sent to the hospital?