Chapter 7 - Clinical Corner

Your patient is a 78-year-old male who is in the hospital because of a serious bladder infection. He has been on antibiotic therapy for 4 days and seems to be getting better. Although he says he feels better, he is tired and not eating well. On the fifth day, you are surprised to find that he has been transferred to the intensive care unit. The doctor informs you that he has developed a severe upper respiratory infection and is in a grave condition. How will you explain to his wife and family what has happened?

Your neighbour has had frequent bouts of severe gastritis. She has been to the doctor and was diagnosed with a salmonella infection each time. After she was given antibiotics, the infection subsided but always seemed to recur. Finally the doctor explained that she needed to have her gallbladder removed. She is confused by all this and frightened by the possibility of surgery.

A. How would you explain her condition to her?

B. Why does the doctor want to remove her gall bladder?

C. Why did the infection keep recurring even after antibiotic therapy?

Montrose elementary school is located in southern Florida, a region that sees a seasonal influx of migrant workers who help during the fruit-picking season. Two weeks into the orange-picking season, there was an outbreak of measles in the second grade. Of the 26 students, only 4 came down with the infection and one of those was the daughter of a migrant worker.

A. Explain why only four students got the measles.

B. Why did the daughter of the migrant workers get infected?

C. Why did the three other children who were not from migrant worker families get sick?