Chapter 20 - Clinical Corner

One of the attending physicians who see patients on your floor is well known for prescribing very broad-spectrum antibiotics for all of the patients he sees. He has told the patients that it is the quickest and easiest way to get them well.

A. What is wrong with this approach?

B. What would be the best way to prescribe antibiotics?

The neighbor that lives next door received a flu shot and then developed a runny nose coupled with sneezing and coughing. She went to see her doctor and he prescribed a regimen of penicillin to be taken for seven days. After three days, she felt better and stopped taking the drugs. She mentions to you that she stopped taking them so if she got sick again she could use the rest of the medicine and would not have to pay to see the doctor and get a new prescription.

A. What should you tell her about her idea of saving what was left of the prescription for the next time she felt sick?

B. Do you think the prescription was appropriate in the circumstances?